How Many Cars Are in the U.S.? (2023)

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How Many Cars Are in the U.S.? ›

A total of 278,063,737 personal and commercial vehicles were registered to drivers in the U.S. in 2021.

What percentage of the US population owns a car? ›

In 2020, there were 275,913,237 registered vehicles in the United States, of which 1,454,480 were electric cars. At least 91.7% of Americans have access to at least one vehicle.

How many cars are in China? ›

By 2021, the number of cars in China amounted to 302 million cars. Over the past decade, car parc in China has been increasing significantly by nearly 1.9 times.

Which state has most cars? ›

In 2021, California was the federal state with the highest number of motor vehicle registrations in the United States.

How many cars per 1000 in the US are there? ›

Country or regionMotor vehicles per 1,000 peopleTotal
New Zealand8844,529,700
United States831275,913,237
116 more rows

How many people in the US don't own a car? ›

91.7% of households had at least one vehicle in 2021. Only 8.3% of households did not have a vehicle.

What age group buys the most cars? ›

Who buys new cars and trucks? When it comes to car ownership by age, buyers that are ages 25 to 54 purchase most new vehicles.

Which country has most cars? ›

1. San Marino. Located in the northeastern part of the Apennine Mountains, San Marino is a landlocked country adjacent to Italy and has the world's largest vehicle-to-population ratio at 1,299 cars per 1,000 people — a lot for such a small micro-nation. An amazing feat!

What country drives the most? ›

Americans drive a lot. Far more than residents in most other countries. That may not come as a shock, but it has implications for all of our lives. Transportation is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States.

How many cars are in Russia? ›

Russia Number of Registered Vehicles was reported at 57,812,000 Unit in Dec 2021. This records an increase from the previous number of 56,674,000 Unit for Dec 2020. Russia Number of Registered Vehicles data is updated yearly, averaging 41,762,000 Unit from Dec 2000 to 2021, with 22 observations.

Will gas cars go away? ›

Last month, California regulators passed rules banning the sale of new gas-powered cars by 2035, a move hailed as a significant victory in the fight against climate change.

Can you still drive gas cars after 2035? ›

But owners of vehicles with internal combustion engines will still be permitted to operate or resell them after 2035. With the average lifespan of a car in the U.S. pegged at about 12 years, there will be a need for gasoline for decades to come. Still, that demand will decline dramatically.

Which car is most in USA? ›

Most Popular Cars in America
  • Most Popular Cars in the USA in 2022. ...
  • Toyota Corolla. ...
  • Ford F-Series. ...
  • Volkswagen Golf. ...
  • Volkswagen Beetle. ...
  • Ford Escort. ...
  • Honda Civic. ...
  • Ford Model T.

How many cars drive a day in US? ›

Considering that ACS counted 150 million workers in 2016, that's at least 115 million cars and trucks hitting American streets every day.

Who owns most cars in the world? ›

The Sultan of Brunei's Unbelievable Car Collection From The Bugatti EB110 to a Bentley Buccaneer. The world's biggest car collection – an estimated 7,000 cars worth more than $5bn – is owned by the secretive Sultan of Brunei.

Do Europeans drive as much as Americans? ›

There are 439 cars here for every thousand Americans, meaning a little more than two people for every car. That number is higher in nearly all of Western Europe -- the U.K., Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, etc.

Which city has the most cars? ›

Vehicle Ownership By City

Los Angeles ranked the highest in car ownership with 2,276,974 registered vehicles in 2019. With a population of nearly 1.4 million people, it had 87.9% rate of vehicle ownership and an average of 1.63 cars per household.

What percentage of Americans finance their cars? ›

Around 31% of American adults say they're relying on an auto loan to pay for a car in 2022, with a further 14% saying they plan on getting an auto loan in the first half of 2023, according to Finder's Consumer Confidence Index, quarterly survey of consumer attitudes on wealth, debt, savings and more.

When did most Americans own a car? ›

Until World War II and into the late 1940s, many Americans did not own cars.

At what age do cars lose value? ›

Cars lose the most value in the first year, and depreciation continues for about five years. A car can lose up to 20% of its value in the first year, and over the first five years fall to around 40% from the original price. That means it loses about 15% of the value each year after the first year.

What ethnicity buys the most cars? ›

In 2021, most of the car buyers in the United States self-identified as white. This included both the new and used car markets, where this ethnic group made up over four-fifths of the buyers. Contrastingly, respondents self-identifying as Hispanic made up 12 percent of the new car buyers.

What cars age well? ›

The average age of a car on U.S. roads rose to a record 12.2 years in 2022.
Top 10 cars with greatest lifespan.
RankVehiclePotential Lifespan (mileage)
1Toyota Sequoia296,509
2Toyota Land Cruiser280,236
3Chevrolet Suburban265,732
4Toyota Tundra256,022
6 more rows
Dec 4, 2022

Who makes the best cars in the world? ›

Consumer Reports released its list of the top car brands for 2023 on Thursday. Taking the top five spots, in order, are BMW, Subaru, Mini, Lexus, and Honda. Taking the bottom five spots are Mitsubishi, Alfa Romeo, Jaguar, Jeep, and Land Rover, with Land Rover at the very bottom.

What is the most produced car in the world? ›

Toyota Corolla (Over 43 million produced)

And finally... The most produced car to date is the Toyota Corolla. Since its launch in 1966, Toyota have managed to sell over 43 million Corollas through 11 generations of models produced in 14 countries worldwide.

What state drives the best? ›

Connecticut has the best drivers nationwide. States with a high number of DUIs also ranked high for other dangerous driving behaviors like speeding and accidents. Eastern states are generally better drivers than western states.

What is the most famous drive in America? ›

Route 66 is America's most iconic drive covering over 2,000 miles of America's countryside and rural towns.

What country is the safest place to drive? ›

According to the data we sourced from OurWorldInData and Gov.UK, Norway has officially earned the title of the safest place to drive in the world, with only 1.5 traffic-related fatalities per 100,000 people.

Are American cars sold in Russia? ›

More than 10,000 American autos are registered in Moscow alone, according to the Russian Automobile Inspectorate, which says “thousands” more may be found outside the capital. Hundreds more Fords, Dodges, Cadillacs and other models are arriving every month.

How many Tesla's sold in Russia? ›

Number of EVs in the Russian car market 2022, by model

Tesla Model Y and Tesla Model 3 were the most popular electric vehicle models across Russia in 2022, amounting to about 475 and 397 sold units, respectively. Audi E-Tron ranked third, whereas Porsche Taycan amounted to 194 sold units over the observed period.

What is the most sold car in Russia? ›

In 2022 the best selling car in Russia is the Lada Granta, with 95,879 cumulative sales (-14.0%). Far behind in second is the Chevrolet Niva with 38,780 units sold this year, a 24.3% loss compared to 2021. Confronting the two models, the Lada Granta holds 15.4% market share compared to 6.2% held by the Chevrolet Niva.

Will gas cars become illegal? ›

California will ban sales of new gas-powered cars by 2035, but the conversion to battery-powered vehicles poses numerous unresolved issues.

What year will gas be gone? ›

California, the country's most populous state and the center of U.S. car culture, is banning the sale of new gasoline-powered vehicles starting in 2035, marking a historic step in the state's battle against climate change.

What state banned gas cars? ›

All of the planned bans are in coastal states: In addition to California and Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon and Washington have made the commitment to stop allowing sales of new gas-powered vehicles after 2035.

Will electric cars be mandatory? ›

Yes. California is only requiring that all NEW cars sold in 2035 and beyond are zero-emission vehicles which includes battery electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and fuel cell electric vehicles.

What will happen to classic cars when gas is banned? ›

Classic Cars Will Become Rarer Items

Eventually, you will see used, and classic cars drive less, and likely, collections will be reserved for museums or for very affluent elites who have the resources to afford them.

What will happen to gas prices when electric cars take over? ›

The bottom line for consumers as EVs become more popular, reduced gas demand likely will not lower prices as refiners constrict supply. In fact, supplies will probably decrease slightly faster than demand, keeping prices high. Any small mismatch between supply and demand could cause considerable price volatility.

What is the most loved car? ›

The 25 Bestselling Cars, Trucks, and SUVs of 2022
  • Honda CR-V (238,155 units sold) ...
  • GMC Sierra (241,522 units sold) ...
  • Toyota Camry (295,201 units sold) ...
  • Toyota RAV4 (399,941 units sold) ...
  • Ram Pickup (468,344 units sold) ...
  • Chevy Silverado (513,354 units sold) ...
  • Ford F-Series (653,957 units sold) ...
  • Car and Driver.
Jan 5, 2023

What is the #1 American made car? ›

Tesla Model Y

What is the most common car color? ›

Grayscale colors (white, black, gray, and silver) represent a total of 78.5% of all vehicles on the road in the United States. White sits atop the list as the most popular choice.

What percent of Americans don't drive? ›

Percentage of adults without a driver's license

About 15.9% of Americans don't have a valid driver's license. The age groups with the highest percentage without a driver's license are 16-19 years old (65.2%), 85 and older (39.9%) and 20 to 24 (19.2%).

What's the safest time to drive? ›

While mornings and afternoons are safer, there are some exceptions. Rush hour traffic, which typically runs from 8 AM to 10 AM in the morning, and then again from 4 PM to 7 PM in the evening, plays a part in safety too. With the influx of cars at these peak times, the roads become more dangerous.

What is the least safe time to drive? ›

The most dangerous time to drive during the day is during the evening rush hour. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that this is when most fatal accidents occur. The second most dangerous time is between midnight and four a.m. This is when drunk drivers are most likely to be on the road.

Who drives the most expensive car? ›

10 Most Expensive Cars Owned By Celebrities
  1. 1 Ferrari 250 GTO – $55.8M: Ralph Lauren, Nick Mason.
  2. 2 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic – $40M: Ralph Lauren. ...
  3. 3 Rolls-Royce Boat Tail – $28M: Jay-Z. ...
  4. 4 McLaren F1 – $20M: Ralph Lauren, Jay Leno, Rowan Atkinson, Elon Musk. ...
  5. 5 Bugatti Centodieci – $12M: Cristiano Ronaldo. ...
Mar 16, 2023

How many cars does Jay Leno have? ›

Jay Leno's current car collection consists of more than 181 cars, and he also owns about 160 motorcycles. His unique examples of automotive history are stored in his Big Dog Garage, which is located in Burbank, California.

What is the world's fastest car? ›

What is the number one fastest car in the world? The fastest production car in the world in terms of projected figures (before an official run has been made) is the Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut, with a calculated top speed target of over 310mph.

Why is USA so car dependent? ›

Armed with a supercharged industry, a large young workforce, and a new generation of consumers, the US built a new society whose economy, culture, politics, technology, infrastructure, and geography created an automobile dependent behemoth of a nation.

What city has car free days? ›

Kennedy Drive in San Francisco. The people of San Francisco have spoken: Keep JFK Drive car-free. Historically, JFK Drive (now known as JFK Promenade) has been closed to cars on Sundays since 1967.

Why do people love Ford so much? ›

Because they recognize the quality, value, and efficiency of the Ford line of vehicles. Polk research says it's because Ford continually puts customers first when it comes to design, quality, and value. The results are in, and plenty of people agree, being loyal to Ford has its perks.

What percentage of the population drive a car? ›

An estimated 18% of the world's population own a car — and it's likely even lower. In 2022, there were around 1.446 billion cars in the world, as detailed by PD Insurance. That's a massive number of vehicles, right? However, the global population is multiple times larger, as it surpassed eight billion people in 2022.

What percent of Americans own more than one car? ›

Most Americans have access to at least one vehicle, and in fact, the average American household owns two. Around 8% of Americans don't own any vehicles, while two is most common, and 1 in 5 households owns three or more vehicles, according to Census Bureau data.

What percentage of Millennials own cars? ›

Yes, Millennials own cars! In fact, the majority do, with 64% of 20-38-year-olds telling YPulse they personally own/lease an automobile. An additional 13% tell us that they use a car owned or leased by someone else in their household, which means that 77% of Millennials are regular drivers.

How many US citizens live in their car? ›

The “hidden homeless” population

There were more than 100,000 people who slept in their cars each night in the U.S. in 2016, according to this article in Slate. In 2019, the Census Bureau reported that these numbers had been steadily increasing, and put the estimate at 140,000.

What percent of people don't own a car? ›

Only 8.5% of households in the United States don't have a vehicle. Montana has 4.5 registered vehicles per household, the highest average in the country. Washington, D.C. and New York have the lowest number of vehicles per household.

What percent of New Yorkers own cars? ›

According to recent census estimates, almost 1.4 million households in New York City own a car compared to 3.1 million total households. This means 45 percent of all households in the city own a car (and almost 3 percent that own three or more!).

What generation buys the most cars? ›

But in 2020 millennials bought more new cars than any other age group, accounting for 32 percent of total new-car sales, edging out baby boomers for the first time, according to the market research firm J.D. Power.

What is the average age of all cars? ›

2022: S&P Global Mobility, Average Age of Vehicles in the US Increases to 12.2 years, according to S&P Global Mobility, available at as of Apr.

How many homeless people are in America? ›

Homelessness counts have slightly decreased since 2007.

Line chart showing the sheltered, unsheltered, and total homeless population since 2005. In 2022, the sheltered count was 348630 in 2022 and the unsheltered count was 233832. 2021 data is excluded because many cities suspended counts during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What percentage of homeless people live in their cars? › [Google Scholar]). Of this group, 49% lived in RVs and campers, 28% in vans, and 23% in cars (Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, 2016. (2016).

What are people called that live in their car? ›

Many vehicle dwellers are forced by necessity to live out of their vehicle, although some do so as a lifestyle choice, as in the case of some van dwellers. Sometimes a car dweller is known as a car sleeper.


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